Building A Website Without Breaking Your Budget!

Being a small business manager nowadays is a full-time job and then some. It requires you to be a jack of all trades and dabble in a large variety of tasks – administer inventories, keep track of the books, plan marketing strategies, create a website and many more. Business managers learn early on that in order to make it through the day and stay efficient, they need the help of productivity tools and methods.

Wix is a small biz’s best friend.

One of our favorite features of this platform is it's Artificial Design Intelligence. It is simple and it is cheap and it will make your business look like you have an ad agency developing it. The most popular package costs $14 a month. Add that to an annual domain ownership cost of around $13 and you can have a website that looks professional without spending all of your marketing budget. You enter the name of your business, address and relevant info, pick your preferred style and voila- you have a site!

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