BBA eBlast Information and FAQ’s

One of the benefits that the Bellaire Business Association offers to the membership is the opportunity to send out an eBlast to our entire data base! This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to stand out all on its own to the rest of the BBA community! 

Q: What are the price points for an eBlast?
A: It varies depending on your membership level.
     Bronze level $150 per eBlast
Silver level ... 1 complimentary eBlast / year ... $150 / eBlast thereafter
     Gold level ... 2 complimentary eBlast / year ... $150 / eBlast thereafter
     Platinum level ... 3 complimentary eBlast / year ... $150 / eBlast thereafter

Q: How do I pay for my eBlast? A: You can pay for your eBlast by going to the Member Marketing Opportunities page.  Please note that eBlast must be paid for prior to publication.

Q: How many eBlast am I allowed to send?
A: You are allowed to send a maximum of one per month for a maximum of 6 per membership year. 

Q: I’m running for political office and would like to utilize my eBlast to notify the BBA community.
A: Political eBlast are not allowed

Q: My membership level allows for (1,2,3) complimentary eBlast. I’m not going to utilize it and would like to gift it to another business.
A: In order to protect the integrity of each of the membership levels, the eBlast must be utilized by the original owner. 

Q: My business is a not-for-profit.
A: Not-for-profit businesses follow the same protocols as the for-profit businesses.

Q: Can I include some of my peers / businesses information on my eBlast?
A: eBlast can only be utilized by the actual member requesting the eBlast. Inclusion of additional members and/or non-members info / logo is not allowed.

Q: I have a fundraiser / event that has multiple businesses teaming up together as well as several sponsors and I would like to utilize my eBlast to promote that event. 
A: The eBlast can be utilized to promote the event. As a reminder, eBlast can only be utilized by the actual member requesting the eBlast. Inclusion of additional members and/or non-members info / logo is not allowed so please make sure that if you are submitting a pre-set flyer that those necessary adjustments have been made.

Q: Who is authorized to send an eBlast for my business?
A: The person listed as the main contact person for a business must authorize the use of the eBlast.

Q: What are the eBlast about?
A: eBlast are intended to be utilized for notifying the BBA database of your business special offers, events, services, etc 

Q: Would the BBA consider making any exceptions on what is allowed on the eBlast?
A:  Events that are put on and sponsored by the BBA will be allowed to include additional business names and/or logos of the sponsors. Community events that the BBA partners with the City of Bellaire and/or municipal entities residing in the City of Bellaire will be allowed to include additional business names and/or logos of the sponsors. No other exceptions are allowed

Q: Can the BBA create my eBlast for me?
A: All eBlast must be submitted in print ready form from the business requesting the eBlast. The BBA does not create the eBlast. Artwork should be in a jpeg or png file. The sizing of the eBlast should be W 8.5” x H 11” 

Q: What else do I need to know about my eBlast?
The eBlast must be submitted to the BBA Membership Team for review / approval via the BBA membership email Review and approval of eBlast takes place once per month at the monthly Membership Team meetings. The Membership Team meets the last Tuesday of each month. The following dates are very important to make note of so that your eBlast is not pushed back a month due to a missed submission deadline. The eBlast needs to be submitted prior to the meeting date via the BBA membership email at

BBA Ribbon Cutting Information

One of the benefits that the Bellaire Business Association offers to the BBA Membership is the opportunity for a business to host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at its location.  

Occasions for Ribbon Cuttings include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Opening a new business

  • Business anniversary

  • Moved to a new building / different location

  • Reopening / under new management / new ownership

BBA Ribbon Cutting Logistics

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the date the Ribbon Cutting Request Form is submitted to the date of the event. We request that Ribbon Cuttings take place during weekday scheduling. This will allow us adequate time to present the event to our Membership Team/ Committee as well as our Board of Directors and prepare to have a representative at the event. It will also allow the BBA to promote the event to our membership and database. 

During the 4-week prep time, the BBA will:

  • Publicize the event in the e-newsletter.

  • Post the event on our social media

  • Email the invitation to our database.

The BBA is comprised of volunteers that are typically entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and/or company executives; therefore, many calendars are brought into consideration when adding events to the schedule.

The BBA will:

  • Have a representative available and in attendance at the event.

  • Provide special ribbon cutting scissors and ribbon for the event

  • Be available to welcome the business to the BBA / community or comment on the business anniversary / new location / etc.

Member requesting the Ribbon Cutting event must be current and in good standing.

Payment for Ribbon Cutting events must be made prior to the event. You can pay for your Ribbon Cutting event by going to the members only section by simply clicking here.

Helpful Tips for Hosting a Ribbon Cutting

Choosing the Day / Date / Time: Allow approximately 4 weeks to plan and execute the ceremony. Check the following before finalizing the date.

  • Reach out to the key people you would like to attend and check their calendar

  • Check with the BBA to see if their representatives are available

Get the word out:

  • Make a list of everyone you would like to invite

  • Reach out to local media outlets to place ads with their avenues in order to further notify the community. Each media outlet may have varying protocols for their required submission deadlines, so be sure to check with them.

  • Post the event on your Social Media Outlets

Create Invitations / Flyers / etc: 
Make sure to include

  • Who ... Business Name

  • What/Why ... New Business / New Location / New Management etc

  • When: Day / Date / Time

  • Where: Address 

  • RSVP: Phone Number /  Email etc

  • Additional Info 

Get the Invitation / Flyers out to the invitees early ... the sooner the better so they can block their schedule for the event

Plan the Ceremony: 
What would you like to happen at your Ribbon Cutting?
Consider the following:

  • Host ... Do you have an Emcee / host / speaker / business representative that will keep the event moving in the right direction

  • Speaker ... who will represent your business to share the information about what the business is about with the attendees ... brief 1-2 minutes

  • BBA ... Have you confirmed with the BBA that a representative is available 

  • Entertainment / Demo / Guide ... will there be a demo of a new product / will there be plenty of staff members available to tour the guest around the facility / etc

  • Food / Beverage ... will there be light snacks / beverages for the guest

  • Photographer ... Have you scheduled a photographer to document the event

The Bellaire Business Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization
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